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When is the last time you said...

I had to...

I had no choice but to...

There were no other options but to...

Isn't it easier to say one of those phrases than to say "what if I...?" Or I'm choosing to do this instead of that.

The thing is that the first three phrases place the blame or responsibility on something outside of ourselves vs. the other phrases that give us power and responsibility.

I was recently talking with a close friend. We were discussing the idea of freedom. I explained that I made every excuse to not take care of myself when I was working a corporate job. For example, there was too much to do or there wasn't enough time or I didn't have what I needed.

The that I own my financial coaching practice and have a different degree of freedom, I realize that those were all excuses for making the choices that I made. When I thought I couldn't take care of myself by eating at home or exercising because I was so "busy" I was really just making a CHOICE to be busy.

I had a client that is putting her dog up for adoption for many reasons, but the orgnaziaciton that will take the dog wants a "donation." The client is choosing to define that as a significant amount of money. She believes that the organization is not taking the dog for free and has asked them to recommend a donation amount. Based on her financial capacity, I asked her, "how would it feel to donate $5? Is that not a "donation?" She's a very generous woman who is trying to give from an empty cup.

What choices are you making around your personal finances that is preventing you from working within a budget, paying off debt or saving for something amazing?

Ps~It's so rare that there are only two choices. I challenge you to consider all the possibilities!

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