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When we work together, your financial journey is as confidential as you would like it to be. Here are several stories of the amazing things clients have accomplished through our work together.

One client who is an elementary school teacher near Boise, Idaho reported that her mom and sister went out and got the new iPhone 13. When she did the research, she learned that she would only be paying about $10 more per month for the new phone. She delayed her purchase long enough to pay off her iPhone 11 and her apple watch which reduced her Verizon bill by $45/month. "At the end of the day, I would have gotten the phone, been excited about it for a few days, and then it would become just another thing,” she said. Annual savings of $660.


One client whose dream initially was to “buy a Tesla with cash” recently got married and wrote to me. Part of his note said, “I recognize that we do not need the business (side gig) for financial reasons - we make enough combined that the workaholic approach is unnecessary.”

In another coaching session, he assured me that he still wants to buy a Tesla with cash but it wasn’t at the top of the priority list anymore.

A professional woman in Colorado who attended my virtual Financial Peace University Class and was working with a Ramsey Preferred Financial Coach was thrilled about things that were changing for her.

She wrote this text message:  “Hi! I wanted to give you an update. Bought my first car with cash today and planning to sell my car I had a loan on today/tomorrow. Dropping my debt down quite a bit!”

Sunset on Motorway
Coffee and Scissors

Another client who works as a research scientist near Seattle said in her last coaching session, “I feel lighter. I took care of it (debt) a lot faster than I thought I would. It feels good.”


She cut up a credit card during her session! It was magical.

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