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I'm a Financial Coach because I live in the freedom that being debt-free allows. I want that for YOU and your family.

What would be possible if you weren't paying off debt, or if you paid off your house early? 

My Freedom Story

When my husband and I got engaged, we were in a financial MESS.


We had both financially overextended ourselves. We had consumer debt, a student loan, and two mortgages. We were even borrowing from one credit card to make on-time minimum payments on others.


In 2013, we decided to stop the insanity. Having so much debt caused us too much stress and anxiety.


It wasn't a problem that developed overnight, and it took us about two years to get rid of our consumer debt. I'm elated to report that we have successfully navigated all 7 Baby Steps.

Now we live in the freedom that being financially empowered allows! For my husband and I, that means we get to do our work wherever we are. Which also means I get to serve people all over the country as I live my best life traveling! I have met with clients virtually from a truck stop, a hotel room and the comfort of a patio in Arizona. We bought a travel trailer and I can easily conduct coaching sessions in it! 

I especially want to help women who want to be more confident in managing their personal finances.

What would you do if you weren't paying off debt or if you paid off your house early?

The possibilities are truly endless!

I'll walk with you and your family to help you

dream BIG again. 

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