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Coaching Sessions are an invaluable part of your journey to become debt-free and plan amazing things for your future. These sessions start at $350 per month. This is based on a month to month subscription with a minimum commitment of six months. Using your debit card, we will exchange $350 per month for: 

  • (1) hour financial coaching session (held virtually or in-person)

  • Mid-month digital accountability and check-in with you 

  • Monthly Newsletter

  • Access to Preferred Providers 

  • Access to discounted annual Ramsey+ subscription

Workshops can help start the conversation for team members who are looking to change their lives and the lives of those in and around them. I’ve heard countless stories from clients about what they are doing to get back on track financially. They are influencing their children’s, parents’, and colleagues’ behavior around money. The exchange for a workshop that will focus on topics that are important to your team members start at $500 per hour and includes: 


  • (1) hour customized personal finance workshop delivered onsite or virtually

  • Tools and resources

  • One special gift to giveaway to an attendee

  • Workshop Q&A

  • Workshop survey

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