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Here are the questions I hear most about financial coaching and what it's like to work with a financial coach.

1. What is the difference between a Financial Coach and a Financial Advisor?
  • Let’s address what a Financial Advisor does first. They are the ones who look at all of your assets and ask you about your dreams. They will ask you how you want to live when you are older and help you use your resources in a way that maximizes (hopefully) your investments. They will recommend investment strategies based on your age, your current financial situation, and what you wish to leave for the next generation. They sell investments. 

  • A Financial Coach is someone who gets to know you and your family where you are now and where you want to be financially. We challenge clients and help them identify behaviors that are getting in their way of making their dreams a reality. Truly, it’s all about behavior, not necessarily numbers. We help clients with establish budgets and give them resources to be gazelle intense with their debt pay off. Often though, we coach clients to dream, prioritize, have boundaries and so much more. We are like the soccer coach who can see the potential in the player(s) (YOU AND YOUR FAMILY) and encourages certain behaviors so that you and your family can win.

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2. How is Financial Coaching different than Financial Peace University?
  • In addition to Financial Coaching, Ramsey Solutions offers a 9-week course called Financial Peace University. This class is kind of like going to the gym. You go there to try new machines, decide which ones work best for you, determine your fitness goals, and start your journey to a healthier lifestyle. The difference between FPU (Financial Peace University) and working with a Financial Coach is the difference between a gym membership and a personal trainer. You know, the person who believes you, who challenges you, who shows you correct form? That's what we do as financial coaches. 

  • ​Almost anyone can coordinate an FPU class. If you can get into a class that is coordinated by a Ramsey Preferred Coach, you have access to one of the greatest resources. They have been through more in-depth training and will be able to offer a different experience for members in their class. 

  • Clients who work with a financial coach in addition to attending Financial Peace University have significantly more success in reaching their financial goals. They also make progress faster. 

3. What does it mean to work with a Ramsey Preferred Financial Coach?
  • I've been coaching people for 20 years. From advancement to leadership, people do better when they have someone in their corner challenging them to do or see something different.

  • Ramsey Solutions trains coaches to guide and walk alongside those who are ready to change the trajectory of their life. The training is called Financial Coach Master Training. The training includes specifics on budgets, debt reduction, attacking student loan debt, avoiding bankruptcy, working with collections, and planning for the future. This could include saving for retirement, a house down payment or college tuition for a student. Not everyone who completes this training is a Ramsey Preferred Coach though. Those who complete the training may be offered an opportunity to be a Ramey Preferred Financial Coach. Those coaches are available to people when they visit the Ramsey+ website. 

  • The best part of working with a Ramsey Preferred Coach is the ongoing training and development that RPCs (Ramsey Preferred Coaches) go through and the community of coaches that they have access to. This is a community of over 800 coaches!

4. What curriculum do you use to coach clients??

  • I customize every single coaching session to meet the needs of clients. For some, it’s getting started on a budget. For others, it’s sifting through possibilities and identifying priorities. There are even sessions that focus around the art of communicating about money in relationships. As Steve Hardison said, “most coaches have a script or a program. These coaches buff, tweak and improve your life or your business – a little. I change lives. I have no set curriculum because you are my material. My program is in your speaking.” This is 100% my approach and goal when working with you.

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