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What is Your Money Story?

We all have a story about money. They aren’t good or bad, but they do have an impact on how we spend, save, and give this resource.

My story started with a family that didn’t talk about money. It’s not that it wasn’t safe to do so, we just didn’t. This will tell you how old I am, but I knew we had enough money because the first of every month during the school year, my mom would write a check for my lunch tickets. I didn’t know how the house remodel, sprinkler system or new pool was being paid and frankly at that age, I didn’t really care.

How does this relate to how I talk about money today? This might surprise you, but I’m private about our personal finances. It’s not that I’m embarrassed, it’s just that I was raised to not talk about it. So, when my husband wants to discuss a financial matter at dinner at a restaurant, I hesitate.

Here are a few more stories that were shared with me this week:

A college student at Elon University said: “You affirmed I need to cut back my spending. You helped me come up with a plan to help me save on food expenses. Most importantly, you gave me hope because nobody in my family has lived a debt-free life.”

An HR professional told me: “You helped me identify where my scarcity mindset comes from and how that is impacting my behaviors with my money.”

What is one of your stories about money? My guess is we have more than one!

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