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What is Possible?

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Brene Brown says, "True courage comes when we decide to take a risk without knowing the outcome."

🤔 Reflecting on the quote this time of year can be so helpful. Last night I had an in-depth conversation with a close friend. We talked about our ongoing struggle to reach a health goal.

We talked about the fear that is behind the unknown. For example, what if we actually accomplished or reached the goal? Interestingly the expectations of others' if we met this goal was paralyzing to the point of not working towards the goal. Instead of talking about what was possible, we allow fear to blind us.

I flipped the question. When thinking about what could be possible if the health goal was met, how would life change? We came up with the exciting things that we wanted to do but couldn't because of where we are today. Recognizing that fear was holding us back was a big ah-ha for both of us. 💃

I also witness this with clients who have only known how to live with debt. It is comfortable and familiar. It is difficult to see beyond the debt. The debt is like fear. It blocks possibility. The ability to do something different (like be more intentional with your money, pay off your debts, and not play the comparison game with your neighbors) even though you don't know the outcome is indeed courageous.

❓ How are you demonstrating courage while you work towards different, uncomfortable and unique outcomes this year?

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