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Value vs. Price

In the past 2️⃣ weeks I've visited two grocery stores that I typically don't go to. The interesting part was that I used to go to these stores all the time.

So what changed❓

At one point of my life, I knew someone who worked at the Safeway on Mission Avenue. Since they were there, that's where I did all my grocery shopping. As I shopped there last week, all the fond memories came flooding back to me.

Then I was greeted by one of the entrances completely closed, forever. There was screen printing on the doors. You couldn't even see through them. (No wonder there was rockstar parking right in front) How things had changed.

Two weeks ago I found myself picking up a few things at the Fred Meyer off of the Thor/Freya exit of I-90. The worst part of Fred Meyer for me has always been the array of items they have to offer. It's almost like Costco. I'll go in with a short list and come out with a cartful. 🛒 Hello, budget-buster!

Once again I was flooded with memories. I worked on the south hill for 16 years and would grab groceries at Fredy Meyer on my way home. I would also order groceries online and pick them up on my way out to the cabin in the summers. 🌞

I was surprised how this store had evolved. Being so close to Camp Hope gave the store additional opportunities to serve and with that came some challenges too. 🚽 What used to be a easily accessible restroom is now monitored with a team member all the time. They see everyone who goes in and comes out.

The Yokes on North Foothills Drive is my current grocery store of choice. I know a few of the cashiers. I know where to find everything and I know that I will not find everything I want there.

But it is close to my🏡 house. I believe even though I pay more at this store that the experience is far greater than any other I've experienced. I value the fact that I can mail 📦 packages there, walk indoors when it's too wet or icy outside, and order cook-to-order meals.

So when I see Grocery Facts as I walk into Yokes Foods, I am immediately appreciative. 1️⃣ I get to learn something, 2️⃣ I value this way of welcoming customers and 3️⃣ I get to share it with you! Now THAT'S Value!

How do you compare price and value when grocery shopping? How has changed for you over the years?

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