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True or False?

"You have to HAVE money before you can MAKE money."

This was how a conversation with a relative started last Saturday morning. I've heard it before, and I know that to them this is their truth.

The question is, what is behind that truth?

Is it that you see wealth being passed on from generation to generation in other families?

Is it that you see people investing all their money and making huge strides?

Is it that the perception that you don't have any money is holding you back?

Is it that if you continue to believe this, you won't have to do anything different?

If you’re coming from a scarcity mindset, you will believe that there isn’t enough money for everyone. There are some people who just won’t have money.

If you’re coming from an abundance mindset, you will believe that there is enough money for everyone and that everyone should have some.

There is not right or wrong answer. It is just a knowing of how you tend to think and behave around money.

What mindset do you tend to lean towards and how did it manifest in your life?

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