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Three Steps to Budget Meeting Success!

Ok, so you have lots of meetings on Zoom and in person these days so what's one more meeting? The purpose of the monthly budget committee meeting is to get you and your spouse/partner on the same page for the month about anticipated income and expenses. Here are three steps to make a monthly budget meeting easier.

  1. Agree on a day and time that you can have your Budget Committee Meeting. My husband and I meet every month on the 28th. It's far enough through the month that we can evaluate what worked that month and make start planning for changes that might need to be made for the upcoming month's budget.

  2. Identify who the nerd and the free-spirit is in the family. This describes how we think and interact with the budget. Nerds like the numbers and the budget. Free-spirits feel controlled by the budget.

  3. The nerd creates and proposed the budget to the other person. The free-spirit has to attend the budget meeting and make at least one change to the proposed budget. It's a team effort.

Of course creating the budget is only part of getting your finances in order. If you want to experience financial freedom, you and your spouse/partner will need to work together to meet the budget expectations.

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