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The Differences Between Therapy, Consulting and Coaching

Emily Dickinson said, "I dwell in Possibility."

When my fellow coaches and I talk with people we explain the differences between therapy, coaching, and consulting. All these practices were established to help people through different phases of their lives.

Therapy is psychological counseling for clients often focusing on events or occurrences that have happened in the past. It helps clients identify and work through the events and heal.

Consulting is a type of professional service where an individual or organization provides expert advice or guidance to another person or organization.

Coaching on the other hand starts with a curious heart of a teacher. Coaches believe that you have the answers, and it is our job to help you uncover it. Ultimately, what you do with the answer is up to you. There are times we look to the past but coaches are more focused on forward momentum. We also challenge thinking and propose questions to inspire alternate possibilities.

Financial coaching is a relatively new concept. I'd like to share what financial coaching IS and IS NOT.

It IS NOT financial advising. As a financial coach, I will not recommend any specific stocks or markets that you should invest in. There are financial advisors for that line of work and I’d be happy to refer you to someone.

It IS NOT consulting. I do not tell you the answers, or what to or not to do. I believe in you and your answers within.

It IS NOT enabling you to stay where you are. I will not work with you if you aren't committed to your own success.

It IS TRANSFORMATIVE. From budget creation, to paying off debt and living a life of generosity, as a financial coach I walk with you every step of the way. As a coach we also see the potential of our clients and help them transform into their ideal selves.

It IS EMPOWERING. When clients start seeing results, they often are surprised at how confident and empowered they feel.

It IS WORK. Nothing changes without intentionality and the desire to grow or evolve yourself. Just like going to the gym and working out with a personal trainer. You've got to show up and even do some work outside of the training/coaching sessions.

I wanted to share this because of the multiple conversations I’ve had with people over the past two years. Coaching is an invaluable investment that leads to evolution beyond your own dreams. Most coaches have their own coaches too. They know the time, commitment, and accountability is what helps them be a better coach!

What transformation are you wanting to see in your life right now? Who is helping you with that? If it is in the financial arena, I’d be honored to hear about your journey or to reconnect.

To an invested you!

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