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It's Not Too Late...

In the last week I've had no less than THREE conversations about people's life "plans."

I know what you're thinking. You've got your vacations scheduled, your investments working for you and a steady income, you're good.

But are you❓

The first conversation was with a woman who I met for the first time. She admitted to me that she and her husband do not have a Will and they have school-aged children. I asked her what was causing her to hesitate. She paused before responding. She talked about the need for attorneys and the expense of having the documents prepared. This was the surface answer. When I asked "what else?" She responded, "I guess I don't really want to think about death."

👀 Look, I totally understand. This topic can be considered morbid. The fact is that we were all brought to life in this form and will leave our form at some point. This is NOT a surprise. We know it will happen. We just don't know when or how. Depending on your family circumstances, you may not need to utilize legal services. Legal forms may be downloadable from your public library website.

For Spokane residents you can find WA Legal Forms by going to:

The second conversation was with a family member who after 44 years was able to share with me what their financial situation is and what their intentions are for this year. They planned to pay off their debt and get a life insurance policy.

😮 I was surprised to learn that they didn't have life insurance already but also acutely aware that this family member was considering his own mortality. If you need help cleaning up your debt reach out to me. If you need a great insurance agent, contact Krina Mallgren!

The third conversation was with someone who had been divorced twice. They had children and had very few assets as a result of the divorces. They really struggled to see life beyond where they were in that moment.

🏆 One of the best parts of being a financial coach is that I get to help clients see what's on the other side of today. No, I can't see the future. Once clients can see that this struggle doesn't have to be forever, they can start to dream again and envision what they want for them and their families.

💡 The good news is that it is never too late to...plan for your family, plan for your future, and take care of business. I know you. I see you. You are responsible and you want the best for your family. It's not too late to stop letting fear get in the way of taking care of these critical plans.

Are you "good" or are you "done" with your planning?

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