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How much time do you have?

When is the last time that you decided something? You were serious about doing something specific, making a change, being someone different, or adapting some behavior. Were you ever surprised at how long it took you to actually get started? Even when we identify the need for change, it is often difficult to begin moving forward. It requires our brain to work harder as our thoughts travel the paths less traveled.

I remember talking with one woman who admitted to me she had “printed off a budget back in January.” It was May when we started talking about working together. Another couple said they were excited to “get started.” One month later the questions about the coaching agreement began to surface, meaning we haven’t officially started working together yet. For them, time is of the essence. One of them is retired and the other one is getting close to retirement age but isn’t sure they have enough for her to retire.

In a world where there are constant demands on our time, energy, focus and awareness it makes sense that some of these changes or adaptations would take a backseat. When they do, nothing changes. A friend of mine used to say, “tomorrow never comes.” This always makes me think…if there wasn't a tomorrow, would I do it today? We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow, next week, or next year. So, what are we waiting for? Often times the knowing is the easy part but changing the way we are or do things depends on the support system we have around us. I have a friend who has lost a ton of weight during Covid. She told me she knew “it would take a serious health issue" to make her commit to the hard work of moving towards her weight loss goal and healthy lifestyle. She has surrounded herself with like-minded individuals who are working hard, taking one day at a time and paying attention to the behaviors that will help them along their journey to achieving the results they want. We know that we need help and it’s not easy to ask for it. It’s not easy to train your brain to think differently. That’s why starting good habits at a younger age is imperative to financial well-being.

Look for opportunities to talk about money with your family, parents, children, etc. It can be as simple as asking your Goddaughter how much of her birthday gift money she will spend, save and give. Help each other tackle difficult questions and when you’re ready, reach out to a financial coach to help guide you through your journey of reaching your financial and legacy goals. We all have 24 hours in today. Let’s make them count!

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