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Gambling & Risk

A friend of mine insisted we spend time at Jackpot, Nevada. As you can imagine there is more than one casino there. My intention was going to dinner there, but my friend wanted to play Roulette. He played digital roulette, so he never saw the money that he was betting, winning and/or losing.

At the end of the evening, he had turned his $200 into $1,200 and he cashed out. He had a “system” of how to win money. He explained his system to his brother. His brother lost his money and withdrew money from the ATM to “win” it back but lost it all again.

Fast forward a day where we land in Las Vegas. My husband decided that he was going to play Roulette, but he used the table Roulette instead of the digital version. He attempted to use our friend’s “system” and won the first two rounds. Then slowly but surely, he lost all of it. An entire $200 down the drain in a matter of minutes.

Regardless of what you think of gambling, the fact is that there is no sure-fire way of winning all the time. That’s why when I tell people that using the Baby Steps to get out of debt and plan for the future, it might be hard to believe that it can be done.

What it requires is you to be:

  1. Tired of losing (or not knowing) where your money is all the time.

  2. Willing to explore what is going on in your life and how it impacts your behavior around money.

  3. Challenged to do something different.

  4. Practice patience. It’s going to take some time.

The Baby Steps is a risk-free proven 30-year-old system that has caused millions of families to be financially responsible while creating a life they love.

What system have you used that has helped you be intentional with your money? How have you won? What have you lost?

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