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From No to Yes...

Saying "no" to something today so we can say "yes" to our intention. This phrase has been whirling in my mind for the past three weeks.

Thanks to Jill Yashinsky-Wortman, MA, CPCC, ACC who introduced the idea during a conversation about one of our intentions for the year.

When people talk about money there are reasons to let fear hold them back. Fear in and of itself is there for a reason. It protects us from both good and what we might consider bad things. For example, people may not want to repeat the past mistakes that they've seen their elders make. They may want to avoid repeating mistakes that they, themselves have made, or they may not believe that they can make good decisions when it comes to money.

For me, my fear is repeating the past. Kent and paid off over $146, 000 worth of consumer debt. While we weren't #gazelle #intense, we said "no" to a few things to be able to say "yes" to being "debt free."

Fast forward a couple of years and that same fear is creeping up. Even though we've worked through the #babysteps I cringe at the idea of financing anything.

Kent and I are fortunate that Happy Laundry and Dry Cleaning was considered an essential business during the pandemic and we have continued to grow since.

When faced with the decision about whether to invest (finance) a large piece of equipment to automate some of our business, I couldn't help but take pause.

After many long conversations, we agreed to finance the equipment for no longer than 12 months. As a #financialcoach it wasn't the best solution, but it was better than other proposed options.

Sometimes we have no idea how what we are doing today will impact the decisions of tomorrow. What is one thing that you worked hard to achieve, not realizing the impact of it until years later?

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