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Doing more...of what?

The last week of December and first week of January I took a hard look at the previous year and really defined what I wanted to see from myself. I don’t know about you but not going to a bunch of events has given me the gift of extra time on my hands. So, what did that lead to in 2021? Instagram reels, for HOURS. I let time slip away like I never had before. Little by little, I was more sedentary, less knowledgeable, and merely entertained. I’m not here to say Instagram Reels are evil. Yet as I reflected on my year, I decided this was not how I wanted to spend my 2022.

After reading Atomic Habits by James Clear and deciding how I wanted my identity to evolve, I began doing things different. I want to be known as a dancer. So, what would a dancer do? They would dance, stretch, maybe even do some yoga and strength training. I’ve made it a priority to go back to my love of dance and change some of the poor habits that I adopted in previous years. Now instead of “watching” dancers on Instagram, I AM DANCING.

Since the start of COVID, I’ve also spent time watching some historical Chinese dramas. The culture and history fascinate me. Once again this led to a lot of sitting and atrophy of my physical and cognitive muscles. Instead of a repeat of years’ past, I started using Duolingo to help me learn how to read, write and speak Chinese. I spend about 30 minutes a day on this. Even though I have been exposed to the spoken Chinese language, this learning is not easy. It is cognitively challenging me every day.

What did you do last year that you want to change? What area of your life do you want to evolve for this year? What do you want to accomplish? Here are some common things I’ve heard from clients so far:

· Pay down our mortgage significantly

· Start a family

· Build wealth and leave a legacy

· Travel

· Start my own business

Even if the things you want to change don’t involve money, let me know what your change items are. I’ll check in with you to see how it’s going. I want you to be who you were meant to be. Who are we to get in our own way of that?

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