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Car Poor

I’ve talked with several people over the past couple of weeks about their vehicle situation.

One woman confessed that she had bought too much of a car. Meaning her payments would be far more than she was comfortable with.

When I asked her how that happened, she admitted that when she was at the dealership, they talked her into a payment that was “a couple hundred dollars” over what she told them she was willing to pay.

Another woman, single mom of three used her tax return to buy a different car because her current vehicle had been breaking down consistently. She also went to a dealership even though people had recommended that she buy private party.

The fact of the matter is, she didn’t have the time between her full-time job and getting kids to/from school to go to multiple people’s homes, do the research and work through a negotiation. At the dealership, it was like a one-stop shopping experience.

This is not an article about auto dealerships. They have a job to do, and I totally get that.

Both stories cry out for time. If the women would have had time to do some research or look online for a car that is being sold private party, they may have been able to buy something that better fit within their budget.

I’ve been hearing from people lately “there just aren’t any used cars” or the “used cars are just as expensive as the new cars.”

I know my experience of buying a 1998 Olds LSS in 2013 is a dated one. But I was reminded that people are still selling cars that have been garaged their whole life, not driven a lot or have been very well cared for, just like that 1998 Olds LSS.

Case in point…here’s a car that looks like it is in immaculate condition in Spokane. I cannot vouch for the owner/seller, but it is a used car, and it is for sale private party.

There are so many options when we look at our vehicles and transportation. Do we need to be a two, three, four-car family? If so, do all the cars need to be new? What other alternatives are there? Could we ride a bike? Use public transportation? Carpool?

Overextending a household budget for a car is common, but it doesn’t have to be your story. You DO have options. Message me if you want to brainstorm some options that would work for you and your family.

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