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Baby Step #7: Build Wealth & GIVE!

I like to call this Baby Step: Live & Give Generously~

What does this look like? Whatever your heart can dream of.

✅ It could be surprising someone by paying for their groceries.

✅ You might make a donation to a cause that means a lot to you.

✅ You might make a significant gift to your community like J.R. Simplot did in Boise, Idaho. Check out Jack's Urban Meeting Place aka JUMP. It's so much more than a place to meet. It offers spaces to learn and have fun. It features over 100 historic tractors! You'll need all day to visit JUMP.

What you do with your wealth at Baby Step 7 is completely up to you. When you have money to give it often magnifies your inherent traits of giving and compassion.

When we take responsibility for our personal finances we are able to dream, serve, and give in ways that are only imaginable to some.

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